Sessions in English

Having trouble adjusting to a new life in Brazil?
Do the changes in your life seem too overwhelming?
Does your relationship present unexpected challenges?
Do you feel unhappy or close to a burnout?

Breathe. Hold on.
There are moments in life we do seem to hit our limits. And we do not see clearly anymore.
But sometimes we just feel stuck, lost and overwhelmed.

Let’s find out what’s really important for you.

The objective of Psychotherapy is inner balance, in any circumstance.  With cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy you can change behavior patterns and cope more efficiently with stressful situations and emotional feelings.  You may aim to feel more confident and develop better understanding and social and communication skills in order to enhance your relationships.

Coaching, on the other hand, might help you find clarity in your life and also new ways to enhance your potential and reach your goals. If you desire to improve your personal and social skills and overcome challenges in your career and private life, you might profit from coaching sessions. Along the process you may search for your core strengths. It may help you find confidence, practice new behaviors or improve effectiveness in leading staff, structuring processes and achieving tasks in your workplace.

Anyway, once you start any of these processes you end up breaking patterns. Be ready to make real changes. Thought-provoking strategies will inspire you.  Problem-solving skills are to be developed. You will be encouraged to make important decisions and to implement them actively. You assume full responsibility to make the changes you want for your life.

Let’s meet and decide what is best for you now and make sure you live just as happily as you deserve.

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